Teaching Your Kids At Home

A Guide To Getting Your CPR Certification

Every skill you acquire helps in life, and you can build entire careers based on getting cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification. By getting the education that lets you receive this certification, you'll have an excellent time charting your career path and figuring out what makes sense. If this is a skill that you have always wanted to add to your repertoire, read below and use these tips as you start studying for your examination. Read More 

How To Keep Your Older Kids Busy While On A Road Trip

Typically, when you think of traveling with kids, you think of how difficult it is to keep little kids entertained while you're on the road. However, we often forget about kids whoare around 8 to 12 years of age. Even though the older your kids get, the easier they are to keep still, they can still get restless, grumpy, and just hard to be around. So, how can you keep your older kids busy while you're on a long road trip this summer? Read More 

4 Creative Ways To Use Shadow Boxes In The Classroom

As an educator, it's important that you always think of new and exciting ways to engage your students and make lessons more fun. You may want to try experimenting with different materials in order to do this. One great item that can be used in many ways is a shadow box. You can use these boxes for a variety of lessons and for a mix of student age ranges. Keep reading to learn more about some great ways  to use shadow boxes in the classroom. Read More 

How To Use Classroom Procedures That Get Results

If you're trying to manage your classroom better, taking a more structured approach may be beneficial. Using information developed in the field of behavioral psychology, many teachers are developing classroom procedures that allow them to foster a stable environment with a strong focus on learning. These 5 techniques will help you create a classroom setting your students will love. Be a Learner Digging into classroom management textbooks will help you look at different ways teachers have taken control of the classes they've worked with. Read More 

Advice For Helping Your Child Control Their ADHD Symptoms

While having ADHD is not a terrible thing, it can cause some difficulties for some children, especially when they are expected to remain still and quiet in school and in other formal and regulated places. To help your child control their ADHD symptoms, you will want to make use of the suggestions found here. Help Your Children Understand The Diagnosis Knowledge is power and it can be extremely helpful for your child to understand what ADHD means and why he or she might be prone to instinctively want to behave in a certain manner. Read More